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JOKODO Holding Ltd.

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We are specialized in creating solutions for the luxury and gastronomic industry, wether you need staff training for various fields in hospitality, wine/spirits/cigar portfolio management, HNI client networking, global brand connection or customized luxury goods. Our over 20 years of experience and intensive, worldwide network helps us to create bespoke consulting solutions on a global scale.


With a main focus on rare cigars and boutique wines, we can facilitate and source almost any kind of luxury good. Our network of collectors, manufacturers and traders in over 80 countries ensures fast and secure acquisition.


We envision, plan and execute high-end events worldwide. Connecting your company with HNI clientel, celebrities and multiplicators are in focus as well as facilitating the contact with the world's best luxury brands.

JOKODO Holding Ltd.


About Us


Kolja Kukuk

Business Geographer, Communication Scientist and Political Scientist by academic profession, Kolja has studied and lived in France, USA, Australia, Ecuador and naturally in his home country Germany. His expertises are consulting and sales. He owns and operates several projects, shares and a consulting agency in Germany.

Jörn Brattke

After his German Abitur, Jörn quickly found his way into his own ventures. What started with a mobile cocktail catering, grew into extensive expertise in gastronomic operations and mastery in the fields of F&B, hotel industry, event management, as well as HR management.


With more than 20 years experience in gastronomic, luxury and consulting industries in Europe, Jörn Brattke and Kolja Kukuk have finally teamed up with their first joint venture to combine their skills in operations, consulting and sales. 
As avid travellers, connaisseurs and perfectionists we are deticated to combine precision and quality in all aspects of our work.



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JOKODO Holding Ltd.


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